Saturday, August 23, 2008

MORE really good finds- my checklist...

Have made a list (yet another) of things I need to do before the baby comes.
Some of which included buying a few things now that we are all showered up!
BTW: THANKS GIRLS so much, again for my awesome shower~sprinkle...

I am putting some of this on here because a lot of it is really cool stuff I have found and want to pass along.

FIRST Of all: BEFORE doing ANY online shopping, go HERE to SO AWESOME, you type in a website in the search and it will bring up any COUPONS or DISCOUNT codes available- so a quick way to save a few bucks.

Now, on to the shopping...

~ Moby/Sleepy Wrap= after wearing the Isabella Oliver shirts, I realized that this type of idea would be great with a baby IN it, and lo and behold, there are several options out there for it. I couldn't wait to have a Baby B'jorn last time which ended up really hurting my back. So I looked into more Ergonomic options this time.
I also feel with this baby particularly that he would have more of a need for "wearing". With Vivia, she was pretty independent from day one: hated swaddling, "wearing" her didn't really calm her. So we'll see if my intuition is correct with PRCM. I personally bought SleepyWrap because to me, they look exactly the same, and SW was cheaper.

~Ergo Baby Carrier= I already have this, I bought it a few months ago because this is the one I researched and found that it has the highest ratings for back comfort. Can be worn in front or back. And was designed by a Chiropractor! And looks really cute too! I got it in the mail and put Vivia (2 yrs. 35 lbs) in it on my back- 6 mos pregnant and barely felt her in there!!! I took her into IKEA like this- you should have seen the stares, it was awesome! But she loved it, and kept asking for the "backpack", "I wanna ride on your back". The only downside to this, and why I need a wrap also, is that they don't really recommend it for babies under 3mos- and even then, they have an infant insert (which I will let you know how it works...). But I am a big fan of this carrier and will report more on this as I use it with the baby. ERGO website here.

~ JuJu Bee Baby Bag= When you are wearing a baby up front, it is imperative that you have your baby bag on your back... This bag looks so cool, you can wear it several ways (backpack, sling/messenger style, stroller bag etc.) The insides have lots of pockets for us OCD mamas who have to keep stuff separate in the DB. Super cool, on the pricey side, but I got some cashola from my shower, so this is my (*wait, contraction*) splurge gift for myself.
This website I found it on MACROBABY.COM brags a price-matching policy where if you can find the item anywhere else cheaper, they will match it. And this bag was the cheapest (I found) on this site. I also looked online to find places to buy it in-store, and the markup was pretty substantial.

~ Lascal Buggy Board Maxi= I opted for this accessory instead of a double stroller because of Vivia's age. I will be "wearing" PRCM mostly in the first few months anyway, so VV can still ride in the stroller on trips to mall, Disney, Sea World, Cancun, Paris, Lima and beyond :) By then, I figure VV will be wanting to do more walking anyway. This will be a special "big sister" step. This "Buggy Board" transforms ANY stroller into a "Sit/Stand". And it folds up and out of the way when not in use. I haven't had the opp. to try it yet, but it seemed like it would fit my needs perfectly. I will let you know on this one as well... Here's where I saw it listed the cheapest: at

~ Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle = Thought I'd give this bottle a try this time around. Comes with mixed reviews, but I will give it a shot when the time comes, and let you know. The idea of it is very appealing. The nipple really does resemble a boob. :) I pump so that others can help with feeding. And when nips are soooo sore in the beginning, I do half BreastMilk and Half Formula. Worked really well with Vivia. Is important to do really early on if you intend on bottle feeding at all because once you try and introduce a baby that has NO EXPERIENCE with a bottle, they are more likely to poo-poo it. I have a couple of friends who tried too late in the game and were unable to do this. The whole nipple confusion thing is such a debate, personally I think it is a bunch of Poop! And so does the "Baby Whisperer"- Whose methods I followed closely- and loved- and intend to again! These can be bought at any Babies R Us.

I need to get my day going now- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is over which means my babysitting time is up! lol!
"See You Real Soon!"

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