Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote the BIBLE

For me, it's not about a particular party. It's about who is the candidate who's proven record shows that they fear the Lord. God is very clear in his word on many of the issues and I will not have blood on my hands because I placed money before human life. I wish John McCain were black, or young, or hot. This is not about race. It is about the state of the hearts of this nation. How far have we gone?

Vote the BIBLE.

Yes, war also takes lives, but 3500 babies are aborted in this country in ONE DAY. That is IN ONE DAY, the same amount of lives that have been lost in IRAQ in a total of FIVE Years! THAT's 42 MILLION LIVES SINCE ROE V. WADE.. Which is more than all the wars the US have fought PUT TOGETHER!

Vote the BIBLE.

ENTITLEMENT is riddling our nation. SINCE WHEN is it the job of a government to provide for you? Since when have we decided to demand that government OWES us anything? Entitlement leads to more poverty. Poverty is not a state of being, it is a spirit. I know many people who are poor but not impoverished. And likewise I know many who are "rich", but in poverty in their spirit. I can not vote for a candidate who insults me by saying I need a handout to make it, and I can't be trusted to work hard enough to provide for my family.

Vote the BIBLE.

Are jobs down, YES. Are we in trouble because we have spent the last several years buying things we can't afford? YES. But, please people! We cannot even BEGIN to compare this to the Great Depression when our grandparents lived in tin shanties, and cooked their dinner around a campfire. And people actually sacrificed personal comfort for a greater cause (WW2). We have NO RIGHT to compare~ We are so spoiled rotten that the thought of not "having it now" has thrown the nation into a tizzy.
Go live in a 3rd world nation for just a month. There you will see people who really CAN'T work. And live in depression. Any one who really wants to work in this country CAN. Flipping burgers, maybe, but since when are we too good to flip burgers to feed our families? Integrity. Does our generation even know what this means?

I am not Black. I am not Hispanic (although, my children are)- but I am a minority. I have a good attitude. Something that is few and far between these days.

I love my country.
I love that I am going to exercise an awesome "right" today by voting.
Go, make it count, people!

Vote the BIBLE.
Your vote is not secret to God.

Thanks for listening.

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