Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun weekend

Friday night Vivia played the perfect hostess handing out candies to the infinite number of High School Musical Cheerleaders and Cowboys that came to our door. She would say "nice costume!" And all the parents would ooh and aaah at the cute little Goldilocks. I am glad we did the Sea World thing last weekend, because I was able to say, "We already did our Trick-or-Treating".

Saturday Gabriel and I made our annual trip the the International Food and Wine Festival at Disney's Epcot with our friends Pete and Crystal. Crystal just had a baby a month before me, and so we left the toddlers home, and brought the babies with us. We opted to bring only one double stroller to streamline the baby stuff. And before Gabe arrived (he had school and came to meet us after) it was Peter with Crystal and I, pushing around this double stroller with "twins" inside. You should have seen the looks from people trying to figure out if we were Mormons, or who was the mother of the twins... It was quite funny. We loved the escargot and pomegranate kirs in France, and the Lamb in New Zeland! The Maple Glazed salmon in Cananda, and the amazing stuff in Morocco. I look forward to the F/W fest EVERY year!

I broke down and purchased a double stroller because I honestly felt so trapped. I feel so much more empowered to go places now, because I know I can strap BOTH of my kids in safely. I thought that by the time Rio arrived, Vivia would happily walk alongside the stroller, obediently. HAH! She is a toddler-in-progress. We are working on the obedience part. And until then, she will remain in the stroller. I got the KOLCRAFT double- WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. The seats can face any combination of ways you want, which works great with an infant who is only happy when they can see Mommy. It is a bit cumbersome to get in and out of the car- but no more than the Graco I borrowed from my friend to try out.

So, this week, my mother moves in to be our live-in nanny. Which is her dream job. To be her grandchildren's nanny. And I am really happy for the help. So I have much to do today. So I must be going. Ciao for Now!

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