Monday, February 2, 2009

Dino Digging and Animal Spotting

Saturday brought yet another day of dino digging and animal spotting with friends. It was a cold Florida day~ so we bundled up in our sweaters, and hats. Vivia made a giraffe mask while we waited for our friends to arrive. And we saw tigers and bats, and birds- oh my! We also saw these HUGE condors building a nest on the ground~ they were so cool! I think my Vivs is another animal lover, like her mum. :) Maybe I'll go work for the Steve Martin bird show that is there at the Animal Kingdom, once my kiddos are a little older. I miss those days.
Once they arrived, we went to have a little picnic lunch, and then onto a dinosaur bones digging excursion. Miles and Vivia made sand angels while digging! Then, had to end the day with a Safari!

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Desire Your Heart said...

That is too too precious. Why didn't you let me know you were going go to digging for dinosaur bones?! I LOVE DOING THAT! hahah