Sunday, October 19, 2008

For those of you who were kind enough...

For those of you who were kind enough to say that Rio looks like me, I would like to play a little game.
Out of the three pictures below, guess which one is Gabriel, which one is Vivia, and which one is Rio.
Leave a comment with your guesses- the person who guesses correctly will win a new car!
Ok, well not really, but I want to see who can guess... It's like it's the SAME CHILD! All three of them!


Anonymous said...

1. Vivia
2. Rio
3. Gabe

Am I right???


BackToBurly said...

vivia, rio, gabe..
but i still say rio has some freedom-ness..

Aslinn said...

1. - Gabe
2. - Rio
3. - You


I think between the 2 pictures, Rio looks the most like the 3rd picture. (At least in that particular picture he does)

But dang, the three of you really look alike as babies. That is crazy.

Mrs. Romotowski said...

is my guess. Yes, very similar indeed. Where is YOUR baby pic?? We need to compare!!

Katie said...

1. Vivia
2. Rio
3. Gabe

You just don't have a chance do you, LOL! At least everyone's gorgeous, so it's a win-win:o)

Belkys said...

For me it is
1. Vivia
3 Gabriel

Guess Zoily is not participating?..

Anonymous said...


--Julie M.

Merideth said...

1. Vivia
2. Rio
3. Gabe

All 3 are beautiful, but we need Free's photo in here in order to truly compare!

Tia Merri