Friday, October 3, 2008


To our family and friends:

Paolo Rio Chaim is undergoing 2 pretty invasive tests (under sedation) on Monday so the Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialists can get a good look in his right eye. Many horrible things have been spoken over him since the day he was born- things I am not going to repeat, because I do not agree with them, and Gabriel and I believe now is the time to activate our faith.
We are asking that you would stand in unity with us - beginning tonight - in a specific way.
We are dedicating this weekend to pray and fast for his healing.
We will be fasting in order to seek the hand of God to move on his behalf to see a miracle.
We are believing for the doc to see that his eye has grown and there is sight. We want to see the doc's words canceled out by what he sees.
We will begin fasting tonight at sundown until sundown on Sunday.
If you don't receive this email in time, feel free to join at any time during the weekend.

If you choose to join us in this prayer and fasting, it is up to you what you will fast. Is between you and God.
But we are asking our family and close friends to stand in belief with us and to pray for Rio.
The more praying, the more angelic warriors are sent on our behalf.

Gabe and I love you very much and appreciate all the support we have felt so far, and we really are believing God and His word, and his promises, rather than the wisdom of Man.

Thank you and we are believing for a good report on Monday!

Let us know...

PS- I wish memaw were here right now...


HipHome said...

any new updates today? We've been praying!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog alot.I will be praying and fasting for Rio.God bless you

Anonymous said...

Freedom, I just this evening saw this post. I'll be praying for you and your precious little one! I hope that by now you've heard a positive report from that doctor... but even if it wasn't, WHO KNOWS, Our Lord God Almighty works in mysterious ways!