Monday, September 1, 2008

Memaw- a hero.

One of the most beloved women in my life, that I have had the honor of calling "Meemaw" for the last 10 years is laying in her bed dying at this very moment. Her earthly tent has finally given out. They don't expect her to make it through the night. One of the most amazing examples of "GODLY" on this earth. A true Matriarch. She is old. She has run an long and glorious race. We just didn't think cancer would be what took her. She has been fading for the last year, it all seemed so quick- the last few months have been the worst. She is Anna. Her daughter is my Pastor and my mentor~ And I am one of the people privileged to have learned from her and her mother. And to see them interact, and to see the love and honor that daughter alway bestowed upon mother. What FAITH, what INTEGRITY, what CHARACTER. She and her daughter have taught me the meaning of those words and shaped me into the woman I am today. She has served up until the last. She has cried with me, believed for me, cooked amazing rum cake for me- THE best- no joke (and no one could pry that recipe from her), and most of all prayed for me, (as a regimen, she would wake at 6am to intercede every morning, not to mention the meetings upon meetings she attended just for the purpose of bringing petitions before God.) They just don't make 'em like this anymore- Oh, what a long way our generation has to go!!!

I hope to be half the woman she was in life. I know she will be welcomed at the gates with a trumpet blast announcing her name as she runs, full of her restored youthful vigor, into the stadium, packed with those who were cheering her on through the finish line. Ready to receive her gold medal. Ready to receive her applause. Ready to receive her recognition! Ready to receive her crown adorned with thousands of jewels. Each representing a life she changed!
MeeMee, you will be missed~ but only for a short time. We will be joining you soon, and you will be there to cheer us on when it is our turn to run into the stadium. And receive our standing ovation. You are an inspiration to anyone who has ever taken the time to get to know you. The Kingdom of Heaven here on earth is losing a hero. Can we even hope to fill your shoes? They are shoes of gold. And they ought to be retired. Because no one will be able to fill them like you.


Pastor Crystal said...

What a tribute to my mother. Thank you Free for posting this.

You are very special for taking the time to do this. and you honor me when you honor her. I love you and your wonderful, handsome family.
Pastor Crystal

BruntonLifeBeautiful said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your tribute - she loved you very much. Your thankfulness honors her.

Love, Love.