Monday, September 1, 2008

LABOR day... (NOT!)

The tiniest part of me really thought we would "go" today... it being labor day and all...
The signs were all there.
I have been having contractions every 5 minutes, every night since I last wrote. Lasting anywhere from all evening, to a couple of hours. Then I go lay down in my bed or take a warm shower and they pretty much go away until the next day. Although, I did have a couple in my sleep last night that woke me up.
I am beginning to wonder if I will know when it is time, with all these sporadic contractions! They are not "Braxton Hicks" they are real contractions. They vary in intensity as well. Some I have to stop moving. Some, I can move right on through. Do I get out and start walking, or will that just exhaust me for no reason? It is too hot to walk outside during the day right now, I would pass out from overheating. And walking in the mall leads to spending money. :( Now that it is night, I am thinking of putting on some mosquito protection, and taking a walk around the neighborhood, because it is as cool as it's going to get this time in September. I do not want to spend the night in triage. Better to let them go until morning, me thinks.

I am SOOOOOO ready to meet little Rio Chaim.
So is everyone else.
I have this big event I am helping to plan/put on this weekend. But I am ok with missing it. Some things are more important!
I am in the phase where I am going stir-crazy, however I do not want to be seen in public. I am sick of being gawked at. And really, who said it was ok to walk up to a complete stranger and say- "OMG, you're so big!!!" or, "are you sure there is just one in there?" I can put on appearances for only so long as the hormones allow, and these days it ain't that long...

OH- BTW, all this time (9 mos.) I have been so happy because I was looking forward to my husband's 3 WEEKS of paternity leave that we would have to adjust and bond as a family. Well, albedam, guess what he tells me tonight? HE HAS NO paternity leave AT ALL. NONE. zero zip. "Some"one told him wrong (several months ago, by the way, because we have been believing this all along)! He checked into it, and found that any time he takes off to be with me, comes out of vacation time -which we have already used most of it up for this year, with our cruise we took, and other stuff. I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am feeling at this very moment. This is why I blog sometimes. Either blog or cry.
Sometimes both.

ME at 9 months. Yes that is a princess crown on my head. I can if I want. I may even give birth with it on, if I want. This is one of my Isabella Oliver shirts , and a really cool way I found to wrap it.


HipHome said...

TOTALLY SUCKS that you guys don't have the paternity leave you were hoping for.... I am sooo sorry!!!! :(
Did you package arrive yet? I mean the one in the mail, not the one in your belly :)

Anonymous said...

Did he check the FMLA regulations?? Everything I've read about it says that the HUSBAND is allowed to take un-paid leave when a child is born...

here's a link... hope it helps!