Friday, September 5, 2008

MASK or no mask?

I have heard of this "Mask of Pregnancy" that supposedly shows up right before you are about to go into labor. My mom said I had it tonight. What do you think? Have you ever heard of it, but more importantly, do you see it on me in this pic taken 2 seconds ago???
If' you're my friend, you'll say YES!
It is 3am and I can't sleep for the umpteenth night in a row- this is really getting bad. I still have to function as the mother of a very demanding 2 year old during the day, you know.
Please God, I am begging you for mercy!
Send baby Chaim NOOoooow!
All this after a rather disappointing visit to my doc today. When one reaches the "home stretch," doc's visits become these "oasis in the desert" type-meetings, like the ONLY thing you look forward to in your week. Where you go in, full of hope for good news in between endless days of discomfort (that word even sounds too comforting to use) and promises to one's self of how you are never going to do this again...
So I told my doc that I was DONE and I had a little "moment" of tears - yes, I actually cried in my doctor's office- when she told me the disappointing news that my week full of 5-minute-apart-contractions EVERY NIGHT has only produced one stinkin' centimeter! And that my cervix is not favorable for induction at this time. What an insult! I've never been an unfavorable kind of gal. I'm usually quite favorable with everything! Why start being unfavorable now??? I'm favorable! You think so, don't you?
So, my light at the end of the tunnel is now my appt. Wed. of NEXT week, where we will be doing an ultrasound to guess size. If he's as big as I feel him to be, then our chances of inducing are greater. I am not super set on inducing, it's just that I am HUGE. WAY bigger than I was with Vivia, and she was no small cookie! AND nervous that he's not going to fit seeing as Vivia was stuck for over an hour and a half! And I had two herniated discs on my low back, after having given birth- I totally think this is related. I feel those same discs sending shocking pain down my back as he grows larger and larger- pressing on those areas. Why don't doc's listen to their patients anymore? Do they really think we are ignorant of what's going on in our own bodies?
Please someone listen to me, I am telling you---
Going to try and sleep now- 3:35am, signing off.

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