Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly Finds...

I have one of these pendants, that I had personalized, with each member of my family's names on them. The place I ordered them from before when Vivia was due, is no longer in existence- but with a little research, I found them somewhere else. These little gems are so cute, and so not "MUMsy".
I have one that says "Gabriel" for my main man, two that say "Claire", and "Hannah," for my two babies that I will meet in heaven, and one that says "Vivia". Now I have one on the way that says "Rio Chaim". I wear them all on the same necklace, all together. On the site you can order them with a chain or without. I had my own necklace already, so I only ordered the charms separately. You don't have to get your children's names on them, You can write whatever you want on there. Designed by: Christie Martin, and found on Get creative!

In my never-ending quest at becoming the Home Manager I was NOT born to be... one of my friends turned me on to this site, and I can't begin to describe to you how awesome it is. I have tried so many times to get my family's finances in order in programs like Quicken- to no avail. I am a MAC girl- tried and true. And they don't really make those programs with visually-minded people like me in mind. This is a safe, free, online service that helps you track your finances. It is SUPER EASY to set up, it automatically updates every night. It also automatically does all kinds of pie-charts, and graphics to explain and categorize your spending. It also automatically, did I say automatically? does a budget for your family based on the uploaded spending it sees. Sends you warnings and updates if you've gone over or if you've received deposits you've been waiting for. SO COOL! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. takes 5 minutes to sign up. You will love it, PROMISE. After you get over the shock of seeing where all your money goes. The Bible says, "people are destroyed for lack of vision." This literally gives me a "visual" of where we are, vs. where we want to be... I feel really empowered.
Let me know how it goes...

This is one of the most clever things I have seen. I LOVE IT! A company called TRANSLATION TEES- go to their site to see these creative, unique and FUNNY tees that they will customize JUST FOR YOU based on special words your child invented. Click on the photo on the left to see these tees closer. I want to order one that says "hock-a-pus"- TRANSLATION: "Octopus", for Vivia. SO cute, and you can keep it for a memento for the baby book...

OH SOOOO CUTE!!! You guys know by now that I love one-of-a-kind stuff! super cute art on clothing- for ages 2-12. I LOVE IT, and so will you!

THIS SHOW is Brilliant!!! or through the PBS site:
Vivia loves books and reading so much more than toys. And this show is truly mesmerizing to her. When it's over she's like "How 'bout again, mommy?" She is learning the alphabet by sight, and the concept of "building a word". I am not the only fan of this show- it actually is A Winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award, and funded by a grant. Click here to find out when it is on in your local listing.

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