Sunday, September 21, 2008

The wait is almost over...

The shoemakers kids wear no shoes...
I finally got started on Rio's nameboard. Not quite done, but enough to show. You can't tell from this horrid pic, that the elements on the side are 3-d. They are raised off the board- the apples and the horse and the squirrel, and the tree on the far right.
I have also made a couple more name boards recently that I LOVE, but I cannot post them on here yet, because they are gifts that I have not given yet. Will show after.

Tomorrow is the day.
We will be meeting Paolo Rio in the flesh.
Pray for us as I do the work, and as Rio takes the journey.

Can't wait for these things:
1. to meet him
2. to hear his little cry
3. to hold him
4. to kiss his little nose
5. to touch his little toeses
6. to give him to papi to hold for awhile.
7. to see my feet
8. to have my body back
9. to not feel heartburn
10. to not feel sciatica
11. to be able to sleep on my back and stomach
12. to eat RAW FISH- my favorite, sushi!
13. to get on the scale and not freak out.

There are more, but I don't want to go on and on...

To answer your question:
YES, I like visitors in the hospital.
SO if you are a friend, and you are in the neighborhood, and you have received notice that HE has arrived, please call and drop by!

By the way, I found a baby name site that listed Paolo as meaning "Humble" and small of course, but I love that. HE is HUMBLE- God is close to the HUMBLE. And far from the proud.

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