Tuesday, September 9, 2008

little update at 1:23am

I am a little hopeful right now.
In my nightly relaxation shower, I'm pretty sure I saw some MP.
Not going to go into details. If you know what I mean by MP, then you won't be grossed out by it. If you don't know what the heck MP could possibly stand for, then You WOULD be grossed out, so don't worry about it. Just know that it is a good sign that things could be coming soon...

Massage therapy for pressing all the "right" pressure points: Tomorrow.
UltraSound for Rio's size and cervix check: Wednesday.
Seeing my normal Doc for more checking and hopefully a game-plan: Friday.

Contractions getting stronger to where I have to sloooowww down, and becoming more intense and some downright painful. But not regular enough to go in to the hospital, just to sit around in the waiting room all night. I need my rest. Gonna go to bed now.


Legendofsellers said...

Friday sounds good to me~~~ Come on Chiam~~ it is time for you and mommy to let US hold you ;)

HipHome said...

Freedom-- I have had 2 kids and have no idea what MP is!!!!!!

andBABYmakesFOUR said...

Rhymes with "You-cuss Slug"