Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am Jesus Branded

Coming from my background, and seeing the things I have seen in my lifetime so far, unfortunately, sincerity and integrity are sometimes hard to find in the realm of "marketing Christianity". And that goes for anything from the music to the stuff I lovingly refer to as "JJ". Jesus Junk.
Come on, you've seen it, the "Testamints", the Cards, the Snowglobes, the bracelets- I admit, I did wear a WWJD bracelet and it DID get me to think before I acted... u name it, they'll print a cross or an ICTHUS (sp?) on it and sell it! This being sometimes the same companies that turn around and print a Pentagram on the same necklace and sell it to Hot Topix.
Some of it is great and genuine in message, but usually lacks in design, with at least something I would normally buy or want to be seen in. Myself being a graphic artist, I cannot tell you how many times I have cringed at the sight of the shirts that say "My heavenly father went to heaven and all I got was this lousy teeshirt..." or the cartooned hands with nails through them, saying "Body Piercing changed my life!!!"

Anyway- I am a true LOVER of Jesus Christ, and I truly try and be like him every day by maintaining a relationship with him, my family, my church family, and those he's placed in my life to follow and lead. and I know that where I fall short, is where grace kicks in, and I am loved for even trying.
SO to come across a company like this with a product like they have- to be excited is an understatement. I think it is high time we stop trying to bring "coolness" to Christianity, and just be who we are, and speak our minds, and be CHRISTlike, and do what we do- which is all kinds of things that are cool. Yes, we surf; yes, we design; yes, we are into fashion; yes we watch tv; and yes- we like to wear cool clothes, especially if they have a story, or mean something to us, and no not all of us would be deemed as "cool". But who FREAKIN' CARES!!!!
Some of us like to wear the best clothes, even. FYI: Jesus himself wore the nicest clothing a person could get their hands on at the time, an EPHOD. Don't believe me, look into it...

Now that I have that off my chest...

In that spirit, as I usually do, it is time once again to pass along my good finds and my love for certain things straight to you!
As I posted back in June of this year -click here to see-, the first prego pic I put online was of me in a really cool tee shirt that I explained was not a maternity shirt, but I had to utilize it thusly, because of the subject matter. What I failed to mention is that I absolutely LOVE this company and have several of their shirts. I can't remember how I came upon them, it may be through contacts I had while working at Relevant Magazine, but their stuff is the BEST I HAVE FOUND! Really COOL DESIGN, a really STRONG MESSAGE- one which I subscribe to as well, and stuff that causes other people to ask- which is my mission in life. To get people to ask.

This is the shirt with the baby boy in a basket on it:

These are the others I bought too...

I actually bought this one for my husband for Father's Day too:

EVERY time I or he wears one, someone asks where I got it, or comments on how they love it!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company and their products because I believe wholeheartedly in what they are doing. AND more practically speaking, their customer service is very good! Anytime I have ordered from them, I have been shocked at how quickly it shows up in my mailbox.
CHECK out the Christian Tee's HERE. Make sure and read through the website to get a feel for these guys and what they stand for.

Happy Shopping!!!

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