Thursday, December 18, 2008

Giant Rio

Rio has been going through a growth spurt of massive proportions the last few days, and I woke up this morning with an giant infant instead of a newborn. This boy is GROWING so much and so fast! It really does fly by! He has been an eating machine- which the timing is a little off, seeing as I am SOOOO extremely busy this week. But, he will not be ignored! So, I have just had to stay up late into the night to get all things done.

Here are a few more pics of him holding his head up. Before you know it, he'll be doing long division! Doctor Rio! I love the pic where you see him mid-drool! I think he may be teething already~ is this possible? He's only 11 weeks!

He also found his thumb a few days ago. He is ALL boy. With this new-found skill, this is all he wants to do. He sucks it ghetto-style, with it cocked to the side, and his four fingers extended to cover half his cheek. It is so funny! I have yet to catch it on camera. This is my goal in the next few days.
7 days 'till Christmas! I am ready to have the BEST Christmas yet!

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Chris and Kate Lareau said...

Seriously, Free, he's ginormous! I bet that's about what Mer weighed at 18 mos. He's beautiful and perfect. I just can't believe how much older he looks! (Which I guess was the point of your post, but sometimes I enjoy being redundant :).