Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rio's first conformer

Just a quick update...
Rio had his first appointment with the Ocularist on Tuesday. He was fitted with a conformer. The O put it in his eye and told us to leave it there. Not to take it out. You can see it in this photo. It is clear but with a little black dot on it, so we can tell if it is in or not. When they are clear like that, I guess people weren't able to tell when they had fallen out, if that were to happen.

So, he will continue to wear this one until his next appointment when this will be replaced with a larger one. The O said that probably as early as a few months, we will be able to get him in a piece "with art" as he called it. Which is basically another shell that has a pupil painted on it- matching the color of his eyes. This is when you really wont be able to tell that he has anything different. So far so good. He is doing great with it in. It doesn't seem to bother him at all. The O told us it may even make his eye feel better to have something in there.
He is so precious, I can't stand it!
He is getting progressively more vocal. Making so many little noises and trying to talk and sing. A lot more than Vivia at this age. He is already a great orator!
More updates as they come.
Peace out.


Chris and Kate Lareau said...

oh sweetness.

Aslinn said...

He looks great!

suzanne said...

He is beautiful!!!
My grandson Bradley has Micro in the same eye. In fact, his looks very similar to Rio's. I wish they would have started his conformer at Rio's age.

Bradley just turned 2 and it took a while to get an appointment with the occularist. Finally the day came, and Brad got sick and we had to cancel. Now we have to wait until April!!!

I am comforted to hear Rio adapted to it so well. I have read the first conformer is very is ressuring to know that isn't always true. Good luck!

Suzanne...Grandmother to Bradley in Texas.

Jesse said...

I love him so much! I need to come spend some time soon so I can get that unconditional love hug from Vivia and snuggle with Rio!
How precious he is.

FireStarter said...

looking good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Freedom, Thanks for sharing your blog! Rio looks great with (and without) his new conformer. He is a little angel, so so cute.
Jennifer in Ft. Myers