Sunday, December 7, 2008

got my hair did...

Yep, Occasionally I am one of "those" that posts photos of self on blog-slash-social networking site. Not because I am vain, but when a photo of me better tells the story than me just writing it, I gladly "add a thousand words" without actually adding them.
I have always loved Asian hair. Not only are Asian women of the most strikingly gorgeous on the planet, but add to that, long luxurious locks, and we've got ourselves a Lucy Liu! So what if she's 5'2" in platform flip-flops?
Well, this year at a Christmas party that we go to annually, the hosts decided to change it up a bit and add a theme. It is "A Cowboy Christmas". Those of you who know me, know this is the farthest thing from my personality- except that I would love to have horses- so, after my gagging reflex kicked in, I realized I could get creative with it. I have come up with an idea for Gabe and I to go as. And the hair is part of it. I can't tell what it is exactly, because some of the people who read this blog are also attending this party in the hay, but the hint is the hair.
"I got my hair did." just for the occasion.
Now I need a spray tan, because the problem with jet black tresses is that they tend to pale every other part in comparison...
Next step of the plan... Hit the thrift stores for our threads.

Yes, I will update.
Yes, we will win for best costume.
Yeee Haw, or shall I say "Giddyup"?


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get your game on girl!! :) Challenge accepted