Monday, December 1, 2008

Hilarious- in Spanish too!

My husband is from Venezuela, originally. He is in line for his US citizenship. But, being that the entirety of his family speaks Spanish, we are teaching our children both languages. The way that we have researched to be the best approach to this, is that I speak only English, and He speak only Spanish to them. Which we have done since Vivia was born. Although we kinda both speak both to them.
She is fluent in hearing Spanish, and is less interested in actually speaking it.

Well, this morning- being the expert that she is, the following is a very funny quote from Vivia and Rio's interaction:

My mother enters the room to find Vivia talking baby talk back to Rio, who is increasingly more vocal in the last week. She LOVES to mimic his vocalizations and have conversations with him. Well, she proceeds to tell Bella this:

"Ah-goo" is 'Ah-Bwah' in Spanish"...


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