Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vivia's Birthday Adventure... (in more ways than one...)

Imagine what you get when you have three first-born, strong-willed 3-year olds; along with their younger siblings and one being a birthday girl! That was our day yesterday. A day full of giggles, screams (both the happy and unhappy kind), hugs, hand-holding, hitting, "NO!'s", and Tinkerbell dresses. Us moms had a GREAT time as well, all bundled up on this cold Florida day. Papi met up with us after he got off work- with his own little gift for his Tinkerbell. (See some of the last photos).
I have tried doing the play-by-play in words alongside the photos and it always seems to not line up correctly. So, I am not even going to try here. Just follow the photos. They tell the story JUST FINE without me adding a buncha nonsense anyway! We had a blast! Thank you to Katie, Maggie, Allegra, Miranda, Alex, and Bailey for sharing this day with us! And all the fun presents too!

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Jenny said...

That looks like a great birthday... glad you guys had fun!