Thursday, January 29, 2009

FOCA: get the facts...

Even if you are a Barak Obama supporter, please do not brush this off... this is not about Democrat vs. Republican... You may be shocked by the following:

I know this seems long and wordy, BUT PLEASE read it to educate yourself about the Freedom of Choice Act that Barak Obama said would be the first thing he would sign into law in the White House.
FOCA would allow for unspeakably horrible acts to now be completely legal.

Barak Obama said he wanted to do whatever he could to reduce the number of abortions in this country... How does signing this ACT do anything but create more opportunities to have one, and force people who do not believe in it, to pay for them and perform them?

PLEASE DO NOT BRUSH THIS OFF. this is real and there is something that can be done...

This is from the website called

- FOCA would establish a new fundamental right to have an abortion at any stage of the pregnancy. Even up to 2 hours before giving birth without any legal restrictions. In the last stages, a "health" reason would be required. But as we have seen, "health" reasons have not prevented any abortion from being performed.

-If FOCA becomes law there would be sweeping changes in the legal landscape of abortion. Hundreds of state laws would be nullified including: - All informed consent laws would be overturned. Informed consent laws require that a woman be given accurate medical facts about the abortion procedure, the alternatives available, and her legal rights, all for her own protection.

- All parental notification laws would be nullified. This means that any pregnant girl, no matter how young, could have an abortion without telling her parents. Nurses and doctors would not be required to inform the parents of minors if they referred for or provided an abortion. Only six states currently are without some kind of parental involvement law.

- All laws requiring a waiting period before abortion so that a woman can take time to think about her decision would be eliminated.

- The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 would be reversed. This ban was vetoed twice by President Clinton, and finally signed into law by President Bush. It was tied up in court for 4 years, and finally became effective on April 18, 2007. It banned the brutal practice of aborting a child who was delivered normally, all but the head, and then killed.

- The Hyde Amendment, which restricts taxpayer funding of abortions, would be reversed.

- Religiously affiliated hospitals that do not currently allow abortions in their facilities would be forced to either perform abortions or stop providing health care.

- Military hospitals would now be required to provide abortion the same as any other health procedure.

- Health insurance for federal employees would have to cover abortion as a regular procedure with no restrictions.

- Abortions would no longer have to be performed by licensed physicians, creating a greater likelihood of complications and safety issues for women.

- Health and safety regulations at abortion clinics could be invalidated.

- Doctors, nurses, and hospitals that conscientiously object to abortion would no longer be protected from lawsuits if they created a delay or inconvenience for a woman wishing to obtain an abortion.

- Artificially implanted cloned human embryo's could now be allowed to be carried to term.

- FOCA would require any government program that provides, pays for, or insures childbirth or healthcare services to do the same for the abortion procedure.

- All public hospitals and medical schools that restrict access for abortion procedures would now be open to be used for these procedures.

- Taxpayers would now be required to pay for elective abortions with their tax dollars under the Medicaid program and in the military.

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Anonymous said...

When they talk about allowing abortion for the "health" of the mother, this includes mental health - as in, "this is really messing with my emotions, I need to get rid of this problem." What woman doesn't go through an emotional rollercoaster while pregnant??