Saturday, January 24, 2009

Relatives dropping by...

So, my Father's sister and her husband that are from Canada called the other day and told us they were going to be in town. And on Wed. they dropped by. This prompted us to yet another impromptu day of plans. So, together with my sister Desiree, we went to Animal Kingdom. We had a really good time together. Now for us to go visit them, in Canada. Will need to brush up on my French.
Here are some pix from the great day we had!!! Vivia took her "noc-yoo-lars" so she could get close-ups of the animals. At one point, she even wrote a new song. On the way to the Safari, she started singing: "old MacDonald had a... SAFARI" and she would scream out "safari". It was soooo funny. Actually, it was hilari-ruos- (as she says).
As we were watching American Idol, she was talking about how Hilari-ROUS the bad singers were! And she would say "OMI GOSH!" I love her so much, I can't describe it in words. :)
She got picked at the Lion King show to be in it. The little kids came out and they gave them instruments and they sang and danced. My uncle got picked on as well. HE turned BRIGHT red! It was great! This woman who worked a the show randomly came up to me and said, "Hey, I have a surprise for you- we saved a seat just for you... come with me" and she proceeded to take us over to the back door to the show and put us on a list to sit in VIP seats. (FRONT row.) So, we didn't have to wait in line or anything! That's what I call the favor of God!
Oh, by the way... in the photos below, look for the smiling goat- that too, is HILARI-ROUS.

Special Moments with a princess...

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geoff said...

Love it, Free!
Your sister is an amazing photographer.