Sunday, July 27, 2008

Can't help it, Thrift Stores are still the BEST!!!

When we were little, my parents were really poor. Like, government cheese poor. My mom HAD to shop at thrift stores to keep up with all the growth that 3 children under 4 demanded. And now that I have my own children to provide for, God has blessed us so that I don't have to shop there, but I STILL LOVE TO!!!
I know some people, would avoid a thrift store like the plague, but I crave those days where I know I can just go and spend the time I want to!
Something about digging through tons of Junk to find that one jewel, that one diamond in the rough is therapeutic for me. I can't really do it all that much anymore because Vivia doesn't have the patience to sit through all the sifting that is all part of the process. I really do love finding that pair of Diesel Jeans, knowing I only paid $5. Or that shirt from Anthropologie that retails $98 and I paid under 10.

When you add it all up, you can argue that it does not make sense but here's my math:

Hourly rate that I charge clients (that I could be making if I chose to work that day) (Not telling, but I know it in my head...) $$$
Babysitter, $15

Gas to Drive across town to the best/cheapest one, $10,

Ann Taylor Kids dress (as seen on Vivia here) $1.91,

Afternoon at the Thrift Store... PRiceless.

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