Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TOP FIFTEEN things NOT to say to a pregnant woman!

White not to be said by a man or a woman
Red not to be said by a man, especially the husband
Green not to be said by a woman, especially the mother, or even worse, the mother-in-law

15. "You're not going to eat
all that are you?" or
14. "Didn't you just eat two hours ago?" (or ANY comment about your diet for that matter...)
13. "Well, what did you do all day?"

12. "WOW, you're getting so... (insert synonym for "LARGE" here)! ie. big, huge, enormous, gargantuan, whale-like,

11. "That baby
still hasn't come yet?
10. "I was in labor for 48 hours, uphill, barefoot, in both directions"
...(Insert personal birth horror/sob story here)
9. "We need to keep the thermostat set at 78 degrees"
8. "I hear (anything) helps with the nausea"
7. " I think you should try to do it (fill in birth preference here)" ie, natural, with pain meds, at home
6. "When you gonna push that thing out?"

5. "We didn't have epidurals back in my day."
4. "When are you/we having another one?"
3. "I understand"
2. "Well my mom..." followed by some Oedipus-loaded comment

And the number one thing you never say to a pregnant woman...

1. "No".

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