Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ok- so the sleepless nights...

Well, pregnancy is not easy on my neurons that are in desperate need of a full night's sleep, but I do have to say, it can be great for the creative 'inspiration' portion of my brain...
These are some photos I doctored on an almost-all-nighter last week.

By the way, if you want to see some majorly-amazing kid-photograpy, check out http://www.amysmithphoto.com/
she also has a blog at http://amysmithphoto.typepad.com/

She's local here in Orlando, and I love her Editorial style! I really want to use her, and when I got her pricelist, realized I am going to have to "register" for her b/c- man!- you def. get what you pay for! She'd be worth every penny though!

Getting more and more excited with each passing uncomfortable day. My mantra right now is... "but you're worth it!, but you're worth it!" "you" being "him".
"Him" being... "(insert name here)".

We are decided on a name ~ like, 96.75% so I will post as soon as we are more like 99.99% sure.
I don't know why Gabriel is so hesitant and hush-hush about it this time, but I will respect his wishes and make sure we don't go public with it until he has given his blessing.

Here's "him" ----->

What's that, you say? He looks just like Vivia? "Why yes, yes he does, thank you for pointing that out!" And so my hopes of resembling someone I am related to go unfulfilled yet again. Oh well. Nothing to complain about except that I am the one housing this little person for 9 months of my life. Too much to ask? I think not!

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The Hagans said...

You are so artistic. I love the pic with OH BOY on the stomach.
I wish I had as much creativity as you.....I am a little jelly