Saturday, July 12, 2008

Does a two-year-old really understand???

I went to the bookstore a little while back in order to find a book that would help Vivia understand that there really was a "baby in there." And not just a "soccer ball" as she called it one day. This book was the best one I found that was not too informative (if you know what I mean) but also had the perfect explanation of what was going on.
SHE LOVED IT and it has become her favorite book, she wants to read it all the time.
At the conclusion of the book, the baby is born, but each page is a drawing of mommy and the baby growing inside. With explanations of what baby can see/do/hear at each stage of the game. Still told in story-like fashion. Like a window into the belly. Not too cheesy, not too grown up, not too graphic. I really do believe that she does understand what is going on. However, she has no clue how much her world is about to be ROCKED! :) But all for good. CLICK HERE: This link will work for a while until Amazon decides to change it

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