Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sharing some of my research with you...

In the interest of passing along really great information- I am going to write now about some really amazing finds I have made in my attempts at being the coolest mom on the block! Which is ridiculous...
First off- some really great Maternity Tees are found here:
I personally purchased from them, and LOVE them!
All handmade, and so you know the girls down the block won't be wearing them... Unless you live down the block from me. This is the one I bought and I LOVE it!

K. now Secondly- a web site with some really cool Wall Decals:
Here are the ones I got for PRCM's room (aha, did you catch that??? a little hint to Baby Brother's name... Guess if you dare...) I am painting the walls a combo of Navy and Turquoise with these in White.

K now Thirdly- I found the perfect solution to the registry problem. Not wanting to register at 50 million sites for the different tastes you have...
U can manage ONE list, in ONE spot to include ANYTHING you want.
I hope that link works. It's to my registry so you can see what I mean.
I combined my registries from Target, BabiesRus, PotteryBarnKids, Fawnand Forest, lots of others. They also have a "fund" that you can set up, so people can just give you cash online too.
We allocated ours to be PRCM's college fund.
But you could do a "diaper fund" a "stroller fund", a "mother's helper fund" Whatever!
Cool huh! You can do alll sorts of registries here too. Wedding, Housewarming- etc.

K- now fourthly, I found my favorite Maternity tee of all time, I probably will not buy it because I only have 2 mos to go, but OMG! I LOVE IT!!! ROTFLMAO!~
HEre it is~

It can be purchased HERE:

Ok- tha's all for now, FOLKS!
Love and Peace and Joy and, of course... FREEDOM


Katie said...

Next time I have a home birth I want to do it wearing this T shirt-LOL, I love it:o)

andBABYmakesFOUR said...

That would be the ultimate in IRONY!
I love YOU that you LOVE IT!