Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chewing Ice...

"Don't chew ice" She says, "Promise me you won't chew ice anymore..."
"Hahaaha," I laugh it off, because I cannot, on a clear conscience, make a promise I know I am physically unable to keep.
"No, I'm serious- not unless your husband LIKES spending thousands of dollars to fix your teeth."
"Yeah, I know it's bad for your teeth..." I say. Still not willing to admit that I know the first thing I am going to do when I get home, is fill up a big cup of FRESH, COLD, CRUSHED ICE and chew like a fiend getting a fix. Inhaling the smell of the ice, closing my eyes to enjoy the sensation of the crunch and the texture. Thinking this very well might be better than sex at this moment.
Could be worse, could be crack.

Obviously, my Dental Hygienist has never been pregnant and anemic before. I honestly laugh at how funny and primeval our bodies get when we are growing another human being. Cravings aren't all bad, at least mine is calorie-less and helps keep me hydrated. I really LOVE the "frost" the most. In my ice maker in my freezer, after a few weeks, a layer of frost collects on the inside of the metal part of the grinding mechanism- I grab a spoon, and scrape it off to indulge. This is the utmost fulfillment. S'like eating snow. Which is the root of my craving, but where am I going to get snow in Florida, in August? HUH, someone please tell me... No, for serious, someone please tell me...
Could be worse, could be Crack!

I care about my teeth. I will be more careful from now on when I chew my Ice. I will pre-soak it in water to allow it to soften up before I start chomping away... I will seek out the best places with the best soft ice. Like Ikea, or the hospital or the BP station. So, I literally won't crack a tooth again, like I did last Sunday- necessitating an emergency crown on my #32 molar, costing (after insurance covered half) $650 out of pocket, and a bottle of Tylenol with Codeine.
Could be worse, COULD BE CRACK!!!


Dianna said...

Not sure exactly where you are located, but there's a Pizza restaurant called "Napoli's Pizza" on SR 434 (near the DMV) in Winter Springs that has the BEST ice for chomping on! Whenever we go there, even if it's TOGO and we aren't getting drinks we ALWAYS get a couple of cups of ice to bring home with us! It's AWESOME!

andBABYmakesFOUR said...

oooh! Thanks! I will have to check that out!