Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UPDATE... Pre-term labor!

So as you can see, from earlier posts this week, I was having what I THOUGHT were Braxton Hicks contractions, which led to a sleepless night...

So here's the whole of the story~

Sunday at church, I started having strong-er contractions in my back. Gabe and I had a thing for his school to go to, which was all the way down in Windermere, far from our house in Lake Mary/Sanford- it also required us to buy a gift, so we went to Target to purchase the gift off the registry of this family, and I continued having contractions while shopping that made me stop in my tracks from walking. Not painful, really, but just stronger- and, like I said, mostly in my back.

We left this party and got home around 5pm or so, and I went straight to my chair, where I began timing the contractions since they were coming so often. AT REST these contractions kept coming at about one every 10-12 minutes. (Still in my back).
I continued timing them until I went to lay down in bed to try and sleep. And Sunday night/Monday morning was a completely sleepless night. At around 5 am I finally dozed off and awoke to my sister Sarah knocking on my door.
As soon as I was up and around, the contractions began again.
Long story short, I called my doc to let her know (just nervous that they would only tell me to go in) and to my surprise, my nurse told me to go straight to Winnie Palmer because I was in pre-term labor!

SO I obeyed. Sarah and I picked up Desy b/c Sarah should really not be chasing Vivia around right now either... being 8 mos. preg herself!
And I spent the entire day at Winnie Palmer hospital yesterday.
When I finally saw the doctor, she prescribed me a drug to try and stop the labor (we are still too early for him to come)- and she prescribed me to bedrest. UUUUUUGGGGHHH. the dreaded bedrest. She clarified by saying, not "sitting-up" rest, but BED (horizontal) rest. for the next 2 weeks at least, because in 2 weeks, I will be 36 weeks which is safe to begin going in to labor, and not considered premature.

SO, all is well. Baby is perfectly healthy, just excited to enter the world, I guess.

I will rest up all week, so that we can still PAR-TAY on Saturday at the shower. Me, from my chair with my feet up!

Pray for us. My mom is still in Arizona for my aunt's funeral who tragically died in a fire this week, but thank God, Desy, my sister, has moved back home and without a job yet, so I will be able to utilize her help with Vivia while Gabe is at work, for at least some of the days until my mom gets back.
The doc told us last night it was time to call in some favors- because chasing around a 2 1/2 year old is def. one of the factors leading to my contractions.

I am off to take another one of my meds. (Which, by the way, allowed me a luxurious, wonderful full nights rest- as well!)
Love you all- and more details will follow.

God is in control, fear not- I am not afraid!
I am excited! This means it is close~

Check out my hospital HERE
- it is like the Four Seasons! So NICE! They have tubs in all the rooms, and each room is private! So excited to utilize this facility!


Hydro74Girl said...

let me know if you need any help with anything. caitlyn's back in school so i have a little more free time now.


andBABYmakesFOUR said...

You are so sweet! I will!