Thursday, August 7, 2008

Preg. Photos... Fun with the Fountains

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, and boy was I in need! I still have at least 5 weeks to go, and I am really feeling it! I forget what it is like to put on a pair of jeans that are comfortable. I forget what my flat stomach once looked like, I forget what my face and my nose looked like. I am at the "Chipmunk Cheek" stage, my weekly email notified me today. Can't feel my feet by bedtime, taking Zantac by the buttloads (thank you Jesus for Zantac!) otherwise my esophagus would be ON FIRE 24/7, can't eat, breathe, or sleep... Aren't those necessities to life? I made my Doctor laugh today because I told her that. My doctor who has never had a child. She thought I was being dramatic.
Yep, def. there...

One of my BFF's Christine is a "people photographer", and she and I had some fun yesterday while on vacation together. We only took about 900 photos. Some of them just confirmed how I feel right now, but others reminded me that this really is a beautiful time in my life and if I can get up enough "umph" to get out in the Florida humidity, I can enjoy some of it!

A little nervous. They measured PRCM today on the ultrasound. He's already over 5 lbs! At this stage of the game, they usually gain a pound a week. hmmmm, 5 plus 5 equals 10!!!
And that's only to 37 weeks, So here: 5 plus 7 equals 12!!! (Can't even THINK about that!)
They said he is measuring big for his age~ uh, yeah!
I pray for him to grow big and strong and healthy! Time to drop off the "big" part of that.


HipHome said...

love the photos. especially the one on the striped hammock. You are so beautiful!

andBABYmakesFOUR said...

You and Mike are the absolute HOTTEST couple!

The Hagans said...

You look absolutely beautiful. I love the pics.....