Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm just sayin'... *update* and a scare!

Timing contractions tonight. Been having them every 5 minutes for the last 2 hours. Lasting at least one minute long. Don't want to get hopes up, but... I'm just sayin'

This after a looooong, and very stressful day which began by my doc telling me at my appt. this morning that I have shown NO PROGRESS by way of dilation, baby is at -2 and I m 50% effaced. Went to the mall to walk with my sister. Stocked up on Aveda products. Proceeded to my sis's house where Vivia played with her cats. Minutes after parting ways, VV started screaming crying from the back seat rubbing her eyes, and I saw in the rear-view-mirror that her face was covered with hives and little blisters her little lips swollen and her eyes bloodshot and lids covered with hives as well, and was clawing at her throat saying her neck was itching...
OMG! Think think think, what do I do?
I remembered I happened to have some children's chew-able Benadryl in the car, I pulled over the car and frantically dug for it, gave her one and then called Gabe. I have never been allergic to anything that I know of, but he has (cats, apparently) and so I asked him what I should do then. I was very close to a hospital- the same one she was born at, actually, and so I pulled in straightaway! Went in to the ER, and they rushed us back pretty fast, I have to say, I am impressed with the care and service and attention we got at Florida Hospital Altamonte, in their brand-new ER!
This allergy attack came on so suddenly, out of nowhere! Is probably the most frightened I have been since being her mom. Long story short, doc told me I did the same thing they would have done, and the Benadryl worked perfectly well- MAJOR PROPS to Children's Chewable Benadryl- (she thought it was candy and took it gladly), no need for more steroids or anything. He did prescribe me a "shot" to carry around though because of how quick this did happen~ next time, if it seems her throat is closing up, I am to just jab it into her leg immediately. Whaaaaa?

Anyway- Scary day. She konked out at around 6pm and is still in bed sleeping.
Thank you Jesus for protecting her-
No more kitties for Vivia. So sad, she loved them so much and had such a good time playing with them.

Anywhoo, I am off to lay down and see if these contractions stop or slow.
Till later...
Yep, here comes another, right at 5 minutes! *contraction*
They aren't painful, really. Just tight- and take my breath. Some are a bit painful tho- not the hard core ones I know are inevitable.
Come on, baby Rio!
If he's born in the next few days, he'll get to meet his Abuelo who is here from Venezuela right now. If not, he will have to wait until after Christmas when we all meet in Cancun for a family vacation.

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HipHome said...

Your package should be arriving today or tomorrow hopefully!! :) Keep us posted on contractions..