Monday, August 25, 2008

I want, I want ~ Will try to do it myself...

Kiki and Polly, is a company formed by artist, Lisa Golightly, who had the desire to bring back the idea of painted portraits and has, in the process, come up with templates for hip, shabby chic , child portraits with a modern twist. They are so cute, and can be purchased complete with your child's face inserted into the painting. Check it out here...
Such a cool idea.
When I give it a shot, I will def. show you!
In the meantime, enjoy the website. It is sooo darling! Her stuff is available for sale on Etsy here. Don't know about Etsy, you say??? OMG- I love Etsy! One of the few places you can find original stuff- is an amazing venue for artists and crafts men and women. Like an online version of an Art Fair. Only it is for all types of handmade things, not just art.

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