Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 things I have learned about surviving Motherhood so far...

1. MUST make time for yourself in order for you to get your gas tank filled up. Fiercely guard that "YOU" time to make sure you actually do it. You're no good to anyone if you're out of gas all the time.

2. MUST be surrounded by a support system (that is only a phone call away) of people who can commiserate, listen, and correct your thinking on those days when you've heard so much toddler talk that you can't think straight.

3. MUST have trust in GOD for all those "unknowns" and all those times when you just can't be there to make sure... Or those seconds when they get out of your hands and into harms way when your back is turned.

4.MUST have adequate rest. This is a form of torture, you know.... Sleep deprivation.

5. MUST learn how to ask for help. Humbling, I know. But it's not fair to get mad at people for not reading your mind. Especially husbands.

6. MUST get out of your pajamas and shower. The world looks so much more conquerable when you are refreshed and ready to take it on... its amazing how much better everything seems after a quick shower.

8. MUST have a sense of humor. Farts are funny.Poop is funny. And there will be a lot of it!!! Probably all over you!

9. MUST be flexible. You can plan all you want, but with kids, you just can't control them. And if you try, they will resent you for it later on.

10. MuSt have grace for yourself. Because you will screw up. You will yell. You will feel like you're doing it all wrong. You will do things differently than initially planned. You will need "the whole village".


Ang said...

Thanks for stopping by The Creative Mama!

I had a rough time choosing my fave of your 10 things, but I'll go with #3. Def the most important. What a great reminder this was to me today, thanks!

Sarah said...

Great advice! Thanks for sharing.